With so many women suffering from hair loss, being a great hairdresser might not be enough to ensure that all clients look and feel their best.

Easihair pro provides quality hair extensions that are created from 100% human hair such as their 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair tape in extensions. These hair extensions can be used for fuller hair, more volume or just to add some colour or length.

There are many different types of hair extensions in the market making it hard for you to choose from. Your options may vary from micro-link, clip-in, cold fusion, sew in, glue in or tape in. Tape in hair extensions might be your most favourable hair extension method due to its price, time and the safety of your hair.

Tape in hair extensions are quick and easy to apply and more importantly, they are affordable for those who prefer not to spend less time and money on hair extensions. Easihair pro application process can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour to apply all depending on the clients wants and needs.

Tape in hair extensions are the safest and is the least damaging for your natural hair. They are the easiest to maintain and should not cause hair loss and damage. If you follow the correct home care steps you may be able to re-use your Easihair pro extensions for a very long time.


–    Only apply conditioner from the mid-shaft or low ponytail down

–    Hair needs to be washed with a shampoo that contains no oils and/or silicones.

–    Make sure your panels are always kept dry, do not leave your hair to naturally dry

–    Do not put conditioner on your scalp or panels

–    Only use professional products recommended by your salon stylists

–    Brush from ends to roots at least 3 times a day to prevent tangling

–    Using a silk pillowcase will prevent friction and tangling the hair

–    Apply a leave-in conditioner before swimming in the ocean or chlorine pools.

–    Do not use permanent colour on your extensions. NO lifting of colour. You may have the hair coloured with semi or demi-permanent colour.

To ensure that the installation process is up to standard, Style Bar and Easihair pro have offered training and user guiding classes to all salon stylists.

Visit any Style Bar salon for free installation with your purchase of a full box of Easihair pro extensions.

Valid Monday’s -Thursday’s from 20 June – 22 July 2018

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