Brunette to blonde, redhead or beyond. Nothing makes you feel brand new like a brand new hairdo.

Is a dramatic hair change a sign of a changed life? Well, not necessarily but sometimes a change of colour could be a start to a new you. These days everybody is crazy and loves experimenting with dramatically different shades. Whether you want tone-on-tone highlights for a natural look, need to cover grey or are ready to try one of the latest and craziest colour trends, there is always a way of creating the most beautiful custom colour that is perfect for you.

Everybody is aware that changing your hair colour identity could be a bit risky. Colour transitions can be a lengthy process that might either go how you planned it in your head or exactly not how you planned for it to go.

From niche colour trends made for the brave to universally flattering tones and shades on the verge of becoming big, there is a chance for everybody to brighten up their dull locks and set foot to join the latest and greatest of the hair industry.


2018 is saying goodbye to the greys and shocking shades and hello to healthy hair trends, colours and styles. 2018 is going to be the year of the redhead, Auburn’s, Ginger’s, and merlot reds. This year we are seeing much more natural looks and styles strutting the catwalks.

Mermaid and unicorn pinks and purples have clearly become a thing of the past and much less interesting now that everyone has done and flaunted the living daylights out of it. All of those bold and shocking colours are slowly fading into softer pastel tones while taking it back to foiling with highlights like apricot, rose gold and pearl that are placed closer to the roots.

The type of tones you should start considering for this season specifically are your coppers, hazels, deep reds, golden blondes, chocolate or espresso browns, burnt sienna and perhaps subtle highlights.

Not all brunettes look good with blonde or different coloured hair and vice versa so how do you know which is best for you? Ultimately you are looking for a shade that will compliment your skin tone. Non-brassy or ashier blondes tend to go very well with cool skin tones while your golden shades work better with warmer tones.

Maintaining your mane can be the biggest stress of them all. Once you’ve decided on a colour make sure you are fully equipped to tackle it head-on.

Colour transformations are not going to happen overnight. Your biggest task is to make sure that your hair is healthy enough to keep going lighter and lighter before starting your transformation.

Hair masks are non-negotiable and should be part of every colour transformation process. Try using a hair mask at least once or twice a week to ensure your hair gets the nourishment it needs. Keep in mind that rich red or silver blonde tones require extra care.

Adding or changing the colours around you can make a beautiful difference to your life. So, if you are feeling tired of your tresses and colour, then colour transforming might be the start of a new you. Always keep in mind that Hollywood brunette to platinum bombshell is what creates those beauty legends of most red carpets.