• Keep your bleached hair healthy!

    A good hair care routine will help fix the damage and keep your hair in the healthiest condition.  Bleaching your hair will leave your hair feeling dry, stiff and lacking moisture. The golden rule about keeping your bleached hair healthy is to use regular hair masks and add lots of moisture.  Pr... View Post
  • Hair breakage and how to slow it down

    We have all dealt with hair breakage at one time in our lives and know that it can be a total nightmare! Although it might be impossible to completely illuminate or stop it from happening, there are some preventative measures you might want to put into place to help slow it down or prevent them ... View Post
  • 4 ways to get rid of itchy, dry scalp

    Dry scalp and dandruff can be very common and can happen all year round even though it could become worse during the winter months. Severe flaking and dry scalp could be extremely embarrassing and annoying for most.  Some people tend to confuse dry scalp with dandruff. Let’s discuss the differenc... View Post