Just like our bodies, our hair too needs protein to stay healthy. When your hair feels limp, damaged and weak it might be time for a protein treatment.  By boosting your hairs protein levels, you boost the hairs elasticity.

Products that are packed with protein could be one of the most confusing hair products to try and understand. They could do miracles for some while causing serious damage for others such as breakage and dry or brittle strands.

Your hair is made up of protein filaments called keratin and chains of amino acids. Exposure to harsh chemicals and lack of maintenance can break the chain and lead to brittle dull and damaged strands

What does a protein treatment do to my hair?

A protein treatment is a type of deep conditioner formulated to restore damaged hair. It boosts the hairs cortex by adding a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins to help reconstruct, strengthen and restore elasticity.

4 Signs that your hair might need a protein treatment

Loss of elasticity

Low elasticity means it may be time for a treatment.

When your hair is wet, gently stretch it. If it returns to its original length without breaking, you have properly balanced moisture/protein levels. If it stretched more than it should and then snaps, you probably need protein

Colour damage

Colouring your hair too often changes the texture of your strands which might break the bonds of your hair causing split ends and damaged hair. If this happens, try doing a protein treatment from time to time.

Limp and weak

Is your hair limp, stringy or are you experiencing consistent shredding or breakage? These are common signs of hair that need a protein treatment. When your hair is too limp and weak it might be time to think of adding something extra to get it back up

High porosity

Hair with high porosity levels seems to be more prone to damage than others because of the gaps in every hair strand. The strands tend to absorb more elements leaving your hair looking frizzier and tangled. Adding protein to hair that has high porosity will seal the gaps in the strands to prevent damage.


What you need to know about protein treatments

  • Your hair needs the proper protein-moisture balance to prevent breakage
  • See a haircare professional when you are looking to have a protein treatment   done
  • High-end protein treatments contain natural combinations that might harden  the hair
  • Applying protein treatments too often can lead to a protein overload which  could cause breakage and damage
  • Too much protein leaves no room for moisture in the hair shaft which could  cause hair to become dry and brittle
  • It is key to find a balance between protein and moisture
  • Hair that has high porosity needs more protein and hair with low elasticity  needs more moisture
  • Too much moisture leads to weak limp hair that is prone to breakage
  • Treatments are designed for periodic use and not daily treating
  • Protein treatments and deep treatments should normally be done every 4 to 6 weeks unless otherwise recommended by a professional


3 Recommended protein treatments

Nak – Structure complex Bond Enhancer

Rebuilds chemically damaged hair from within to maximise strength, condition and shine

Schwarzkopf – fibre course Fortifier Treatment

Intensively replenishes extremely damaged hair adding new force, resilience and strength

Kerastase- Force Architecte

Designed with a unique formula to help improve the appearance, texture, and strength of very dry and damaged hair

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