Time to get frizz free with the Mycro Keratin treatment!

Time to get frizz-free with the Mycro Keratin in-salon treatment!

Mycro Keratin in-salon treatment is created with technology that really transforms your hair and is unlike any other product on the market. Here’s why:

The MK is a semi-permanent in-salon hair treatment that creates healthier, smoother hair by replenishing the proteins which the hair has lost throughout the years. Although not permanent, the treatment is long term, lasting from three to six months when using the correct home care products as per your stylist’s recommendation. MK fully repairs your hair allowing for faster growth due to healthier hair

What makes Mycro Keratin treatment different from the rest of the treatments on the market?

Mycro Keratin’s main aim was to produce a keratin particle so small that is was able to go into a water-based gel instead of a cream-based treatment which made a huge difference to the application process, drying and results.

Mycro Keratin treatment is a gel-based keratin treatment unlike a Brazilian blow dry product that is cream-based and thicker in consistency, the gel base reduces the smoke when blow-drying or flat ironing after the treatment has been applied.

With MK nothing is left on the hair and there is no need to rinse after the treatment was done in the salon. Nothing is ironed onto the hair which results in a lighter hair strand that is moveable.

Mycro Keratin and colour love each other. It’s perfect for making your colour pop more than usual. After doing the Mycro Keratin hair treatment your hair may still be able to absorb colour which may even take place on the same day.

All you need to know about the Mycro Keratin in-salon treatment:

  • A powerful frizz eliminator and curl tamer
  • Quick and easy and only takes 90 min
  • No smoke, toxins or harmful chemicals will be experienced during the treatment
  • Restores the natural keratin levels in your hair
  • Wash and style your hair immediately after the treatment
  • lasts three to six months
  • Reduce styling time at home by 60-70%

 Mycro Keratin treatments are available at all Style Bar hair salons. Contact your nearest salon to make a booking.