Are you using the proper hair brush?

A hair brush is an essential hair tool that we use almost every day of our lives. It is important to know that we’re using the right one for the right reasons. Hair brushes comes in a number of different sizes and styles that are all specifically designed for different hair types and tasks. They all play a role of their own to create different looks and feels.

Your hair brush is probably the hair tool that you put the least amount of thought into. If you ever thought that all hair brushes serve the same purpose, think again! Finding the right brush for your locks could help transform the look and health of your hair.

I have chosen 9 different styles of brushes and will show you what each one is used for and why.


The Paddle Brush

The paddle brush is a multi-purpose brush that could be used for daily grooming, taming and detangling of any hair type. The flatter and bigger shape allow more hair to fit onto the brush for faster brush time. If you have thicker or longer than usual hair, then the paddle brush is perfect for you


The Vented Brush

The vented brush is specifically designed to speed up drying time by allowing the hot hair from your hair dryer to get to your hair more easily than it would if you were using a more compact brush like the paddle brush. The ball pointed tips are there to prevent the bristles from snagging or pulling on your strands. This brush works well on both wet and dry hair.


The Small Round Bristle Brush

The small round brush is perfect for styling shorter hair and bangs. Use the brush to create extra layers or styling.


The Ceramic Round Brush

Pump up the volume with the ceramic round brush. The ceramic coated barrel heats up while styling for faster drying. Roll the hair around the large vented bristles to make curls, waves and big bouncy blowouts.

Best brush for a blow-out.


The Wet Detangling Brush

A detangling brush is specifically designed to detangle wet hair of all types and textures without damaging your strands or hurting your scalp. The bristles are spaced apart more than usual and are made soft, flexible and strong enough to glide through and detangle wet hair without causing damage or pain.

The wet detangling brush is also perfect for dry hair, wigs and extensions.


The Teasing Brush

For some extra added volume to your roots try this one. The teasing brush is perfect for creating different hairstyles and taming stray hairs at the same time. They are made from 100% Boar or Nylon Bristles and can create the amount of body you need it to. This could be the best brush option for styling layers.


The Natural Bristle Brush 

Create the perfect waves when you brush out your curls with the natural Bristle brush. You may notice that on some them the bristles are totally uneven, that’s because the mixed heights are there to distribute the natural oils throughout your strands to create a gorgeous shine. Try using this brush every night before bed to maintain softer and shinier hair while stimulating the scalp at the same time


Hairstyling Brush

Rubber base, nylon bristles and comes in a variety of sizes. This mean machine does it all, from detangling to blow-drying and styling. Detangling curly hair shouldn’t be a problem with these nylon bristles. This brush is an all-rounder and a very good option for thick coarse hair.


The Round Boar Bristle Brush

Your number one go to for blow drying. Create smooth curls, waves and bends in no time with this styling tool. Keep in mind, the bigger the barrel the straighter your blow out.

Brushing with a natural bristle brush helps prevent split-ends, reduces static and adds volume when needed.



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