Newtrino nDNA8 Densifying Conditioner - For Men 250ml

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The nDNA 8 Conditioner for Men is scientifically formulated to assist in regulating sebum production, and will further assist with scalp irregularities such as oily scalp and bacteria due to high levels of the signature ingredient; Green Tea extract.

Green Tea has been clinically trialled and proven to assist in the inhibition of surface DHT due to its ability to inhibit the hormone.

Additionally, Green Tea has high levels of antioxidants specifically designed to fight and eradicate free radicals that cause an unhealthy environment on the scalp.

The ndNA 8 Conditioner is specifically designed to complete the Newtrino 2 step cleansing process, assisting in regulating the pH level on the scalp resulting in a balanced, clean, refreshed scalp and improved overall condition of the scalp after every use.