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We bring the art of hairdressing to life. Our team of skilled stylists is constantly undergoing specialised training in our training studio with world leading brands like Schwarzkopf, Moroccanoil, Kerastase and Redken. As our teams evolve, we ensure that they are kept up to date with new trends in colour, cutting and styling. In this way, our teams will always have you leaving the salon looking and feeling renewed. The Style Bar experience is as affordable as it is distinctive, with guaranteed quality service for every client.


It isn’t just fashion that sees a change of style with every season, hair seems to as well. Whilst many hair styles seem to stick around, there are always new twists on their look and old favourites making a comeback into style.

Want to know more about the hairstyles that have already
proven popular or are yet to make an appearance this year?
Take a look through some of our favorites.


  • Is there a better feeling than when people ask if you’ve had your hair done? Follow these steps to achieve that salon look without leaving your house.

  • You can skip the monotonous hair washing routine today. Here's our five favourite dry shampoos to restore your day-old hair and tame the frizzy ends.

  • Winter is coming. It’s important to give our hair a little extra love and attention when the cooler temperatures start taking its toll on our tresses.