Newtrino Advanced Capillary Fortifying Serum 100ml

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The Advanced Fortifying Serum is an advanced treatment with 16 key compound ingredients that are directly responsible to addressing all 13 contributing factors to hair loss, with 2 powerful key ingredients; PROCAPIL and AnaGain. The first signature compound; PROCAPIL consists of 3 active ingredients that are clinically proven to assist in anchoring the hair due to a collection of adhesion proteins, increasing cellular activity due to a signature key vasodilator flavonoids and inhibiting the formation of dihydrotestosterone via 5-alpha-reductase (DHT).

The second key compound is called AnaGain which consists of 2 key ingredients with extensive clinical studies showcasing the ability to assist in increasing the expression of the hair growth factor (fGF7) several times its usual dose, resulting in a significantly prolonged growing hair cycle. The second ingredient in this compound shortens the resting (telogen) phase, resulting in significantly longer growing cycles and shorter resting and shedding cycles.

IMPORTANT: The Newtrino Serum is specifically formulated to anchor the hair and is to be used during the telogen phase which usually lasts around 3 – 4 months. 1 bottle of serum is to be used during this stage, and once finished, you should only apply again after 4 – 6 months.