Style Bar | Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions


1. Before any chemical service can be done, it is essential to have a consultation with one of our stylists. Should the client choose to waive the recommendation of the stylist regarding the selected service, Style Bar will not be liable for any undesired outcome.

2. Style Bar will endeavour to ensure that any service achieves the desired outcome, however there are certain variables which are out of our control that may result in an unsatisfactory outcome. Style Bar will endeavour to ensure that the desired outcome is reached.

3. All permanent and semi-permanent colour will fade to a certain degree. There are many variables that will influence the rate and degree to which hair fades. Style Bar will assess all claims of fading

within 7 days of the service and outcome will be determined by Head office staff.

4. There is a degree of risk involved when undergoing a complete colour change, Style Bar will advise on the best course of action to achieve optimum results. Should the client choose to follow a course contrary to that which is recommended, at any other Style Bar store or other Professional Hairdressing Salon, Style Bar will not accept liability for an unsatisfactory outcome.

5. Prolonged highlighting services will cause damage to the hair. Style Bar will advise on the best course of action to avoid undue damage, should the client however choose to proceed with additional highlighting services contrary to that which was advised, Style Bar will not accept any liability for an unsatisfactory result.

6. Any chemical service will result in a degree of damage to the hair, Style Bar strongly recommends the use of professional in salon treatments and take home products to assist with the management of damage and optimise your service.

7. There are no cash refunds for any service received at Style Bar.


All recommendations on Take home products rely on the supply of correct information by the client. Ensure when discussing your needs that the correct information is provided to the person assisting you.

1. All personal care products may be returned for a full refund or exchange within 7 days of the purchase date provided that they are in their original packaging (including cellophane wrap, tamper proof seals and lids), are in an unused condition and are re-saleable.

2. Any personal care product which does not meet the clients expectation for any reason whatsoever may be returned to the supplier. A number will be provided and the supplier will assist the client with any product which is unsatisfactory. Style Bar does not accept liability for any product which does not meet the client expectation, regardless of purchase date, as the suppliers have undertaken to assist with the accurate replacement of any product which does not meet client expectation.

3. Items purchased on sale or discount may not be returned.

4. For reasons of hygiene, brushes may not be refunded or exchanged, unless they are defective.


Due to the high incidents of fraud and fraudulent transaction NO CASH REFUNDS will be done from any store. There will be a 10% handling fee on all transactions. All refunds will be managed from our head office staff and there are procedures that must be followed.

1. The client must contact ghd South Africa directly for any refund or exchange. Style Bar will not accept any returns or exchanges. Each Style Bar branch will have a copy of the number on hand.