Style Bar | Mycro Keratin VS Brazilian Blowout – Know the difference!
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Mycro Keratin VS Brazilian Blowout – Know the difference!

Mycro Keratin VS Brazilian Blowout – Know the difference!


Whether your looking to tame your locks or simply ease your hair routine, trying to distinguish the difference between the two could be tricky.

Both the Mycro Keratin and Brazilian blow-out are smoothing hair treatments that contain chemicals to temporarily coat the outer layer of your strands without causing any damage to the hair. They create a protein layer around the hair shaft which smooths the cuticles to enhance shine, remove frizz, decrease blow-dry time and improve the hairs manageability.

10 Things they have in common:

–    Neither of the two is permanent

–    Creates a protein layer that smooths the cuticle

–    Helps fight humidity and increase shine

–    Requires less hair shampooing to avoid washing the treatment out of your hair

–    Recommended: sulphate free shampoo  products for longer lasting results

–    Added shine due to smoother cuticles brings life to dull lifeless hair

–    Smooth, protect, soften and relax the hair

–    Bonding process takes place once a flat iron is applied

–    Reduces styling time by 60-70%

–    Lasts up to three months


Mycro Keratin treatment 

The Mycro Keratin treatment is ideal for very curly or hair with lots of volume that needs some taming. It creates a much straighter, sleeker and frizz-free appearance while reducing the amount of volume. The treatment restores the natural keratin levels in your hair, it replaces the hair with keratin (protein) which is great for damaged locks.

Mycro Keratin treatments are much more intense than others and are not recommended for hair that is already straight as it will only further reduce the volume and flatten the hair.

Application process: Applying the treatment to one’s hair normally takes about 2-3 hours to finish. After Shampooing hair and drying completely the product is applied and covered with a cap for roughly 20-30min and then blow dried again and flat ironed. Clients are asked to wash out the treatments after three days in the comfort of their home. During the three day wait period you shouldn’t do anything that might crease the hair such as bobby pins, hair ties or slipping your hair behind your ear. Not following the do’s and don’ts on the home hair care side will have a negative effect on the outcome of the treatment.


Brazilian blowout treatment

Aiming for frizz-free hair with some volume and movement, then the Brazilian Blow-out is for you. This is a lighter option that performs well with fine to medium textured hair. The product gets its proteins from a blend of amino acids is a much more gentle option than a Keratin treatment. Brazilian treatments will leave a natural bodied look while removing frizz and adding extra shine but not leave your hair as straight and sleek as the Keratin treatment would. The Brazilian blow-out is suitable for anybody looking for frizz-free and manageable hair.

Application Process: Brazilian-blow out process is much more convenient and takes about 90 minutes. Before the treatment is applied the hair is shampooed and dried until only a small amount of moisture remains. After the product is applied it then is blow dried and flat ironed. Once hair is completely dried the hair is shampooed again and the product rinsed out completely. Thereafter, conditioner is applied, rinsed out and dried one last time. Once you leave the salon the treatment is complete, and you can freely style your hair as desired.


Treatment Tip: Try washing your hair less often using a sulphate free shampoo products to prevent shampooing out the treatment form your hair. The more you wash the quicker the treatment washes away.

Is your hair thick, curly, frizzy or simply difficult to control? Ask your stylist to recommend one of these treatments depending on your hairs needs.