Style Bar | 5 Tips to prevent hair damage
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5 Tips to prevent hair damage

5 Tips to prevent hair damage

By Candice Petersen

With daily use of heat tools on my hair, I’m sometimes amazed that I have hair left on my head. Especially considering I do suffer from dry and damaged split ends. Since incorporating some of these tips and products, I have noticed a considerable difference in how my hair look and feels.


1.  Use a heat protect spray

This is pretty self-explanatory, I cannot stress enough how vital it is to use a heat protectant spray before you plan on using any heat tools on your hair. A great option is the Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Styling Protectant. The ghd Heat Protect Spray is also a good one to try.


2. Allow hair to air dry (if possible)

Air dry your hair more, often limiting the amount you use hair tools. Unfortunately, in winter this won’t always be possible to do. 


3. Brush hair when damp

Use a wide comb or a brush and gently run through your hair with the ends first. If you have curly or wavy hair it’s important to do this while hair is damp. If you have straight hair, only brush out the hair after its had time to dry a little. I’ve been using a Tangle Teezer for years. It’s a great option and there are so many designs to choose from.


4. Blow dry with low heat setting

If you do plan on using a hair dryer to dry your hair, use a lower setting. It might take longer to dry the hair, but it lessens damage to the hair.


5. Moisturise hair

I am sure many women are already doing this. Use conditioner on the ends of the hair or a hair mask to help bring moisture to dry ends and prevent breakage. The Joico Moisture Treatment Balm is definitely worth trying.


Thank you, Candice for this article.